Courses taught at the Jagiellonian University in 2020/2021):

  • Poznanie matematyczne (Mathematical Cognition) (autumn semester, Mondays, 16:00-17:30, online lectures at MS Teams) (description)
  • Seminarium kognitywistyczne (Cognitive Science Seminar) (spring semester, Mondays, 14:30-16:00) (description)
  • Interdisciplinary research projects (Doctoral School of Social Sciences, spring semester, Thursdays, 15:00-16:30, online at MS Teams)

Past teaching experience:

Cognitive Science, Cognitive Science Seminar, Central Problems of Cognitive ScienceCognitive Processes and Cognitive NeuroscienceCognitive PsychologyMathematical CognitionEmbodied Cognition, The Structure of Neurocognitive TheoriesSocial MindCognitive LinguisticsThe Mind and Evolutionary Sciences, Philosophy: Tools for ThinkingIntroduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science,  Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of NaturePhilosophy of ScienceElementary Logic, Philosophy of Mind.