Our study in Scientific Reports!

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Our paper on the relationship between elementary numerical processing and mathematical competences is out in Scientific Reports. Besides of me, authors of this study are Klaus Willmes (RWTH Aachen), Edward Nęcka, Bartosz Brożek (both Jagiellonian University), Hans-Christoph Nuerk (Tuebingen University) and Krzysztof Cipora (Loughborough University).

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Hohol, M., Willmes, K., Nęcka, E., Brożek, B., Nuerk, H.-C., & Cipora, K. (2020). Professional mathematicians do not differ from others in the symbolic numerical distance and size effects. Scientific Reports, 10(11531). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-68202-z [LINK] [PDF]