Courses taught in the current semester (spring 2019):

  • Cognitive Science Seminar (Jagiellonian University)
  • Central Problems of Cognitive Science (SWPS University)
  • Cognitive Processes and Cognitive Neuroscience (SWPS University)
  • Cognitive Science (Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology)

Past teaching experience:

Cognitive Science, Central Problems of Cognitive ScienceCognitive Processes and Cognitive NeuroscienceCognitive PsychologyMathematical CognitionEmbodied Cognition, The Structure of Neurocognitive TheoriesSocial MindCognitive LinguisticsThe Mind and Evolutionary SciencesIntroduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive ScienceIntroduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of NaturePhilosophy of ScienceElementary Logic, Philosophy of Mind.